John Negrelli

Bonnot since 1997

Favorite Machine: 4” Twin Packer

Reason: ‘A highly versatile workhorse’

Sutton Cook
VP, Operations

Bonnot since 2020

Favorite Machine: N/A

Reason: ‘Still working that one out’

Jerome Cook
VP, Sales

Bonnot since 2018

Favorite Machine: 8” Live Bottom

Reason: ‘Excellent bulk material handling and kinda scary to look at’

Steve Marshall
General Manager
George Bain
Technology Director

Bonnot since 1991

Favorite Machine: All of them

Reason: ‘Don’t make me pick my favorite child’

Becky Goulden

Bonnot since 1994

Favorite Machine: 4” Twin Packer

Reason: ‘We’ve sold so many of them’

Adam Doxsey
General Counsel / Sales

Bonnot since 2016

Favorite Machine: 1” Pasta Makers

Reason: ‘Because I like food’

Kris Smith
Plant Manager

Bonnot since 1997
Favorite Machine: 2” Single Packer
Reason: ‘Simple design, simple to put together’

Kurt Houk
Chief Engineer

Bonnot since 2004

Favorite Machine: Rubber Bale Feeder

Reason: ‘It has a high-tech screw design’

Lee Galada

Bonnot since 2011

Favorite Machine: 8” Horizontal

Reason: ‘Huge manufacturing efficiencies for a customer from a single machine’

Calib Willis
Manufacturing Engineer
Mackenzie S
Controls Engineer
John Lancaster
Lead Machinist

Bonnot since 2000

Favorite Machine: 8” Plastic Recycling

Reasons: ‘Cool technology’

Cheryl Thomas
Administrative Assistant

Bonnot since 2017

Favorite Machine: Anything with augers

Reason: ‘They look like curlicues’

Josh Stranger
Manufacturing Engineer

Bonnot since 2015

Favorite Machine: 12” Cold Former

Reason: ‘A cool old machine modernized’

Mark Daniel
Quality Assurance

Bonnot since 1972

Favorite Machine: 8” Catalyst ‘Tallboy’

Reason: ‘Because it’s a machine on stilts’

Jack King
Test Room Engineer

Bonnot since 1974

Favorite Machine: 2” Horizontal

Reason: ‘It’s just a cool looking machine’

Tyrone Price

Bonnot Since 2019


Bonnot since 2016