Hydrocolloid Extrusion for Medical Products

The use of hydrocolloids in medical and pharmaceutical applications has been an important development. Because they are a medical implement, hydrocolloids have to be developed and manufactured according to stringent specifications. The Bonnot company has provided extruders for processing hydrocolloids for many of the worlds largest manufacturers. It all begins with hydrocolloid extrusion.

How Bonnot Innovates Hydrocolloid Extrusion

Between strict regulations and the specifications of our clients, the Bonnot Company has had plenty of opportunities to innovate in the field of hydrocolloid extrusion. The video below, in which Bonnot Vice President John Negrelli walks us through a complete extrusion system for a medical application, is a prime example:

The machine pictured was created to meet a unique challenge: being able to feed a larger feedstock while retaining the control and metering of a 4″ design, which is standard in hydrocolloid production. We accommodated this need by customizing our 4″ Twin Packer with a 6″ Feed section. Additionally, we plumbed temperature control sections into the hopper, two barrel sections and a commercially purchased state-of-the-art die. To satisfy stringent quality control, a hydraulic screen changer was also incorporated to filter out any impurities as the hydrocolloid material moves through the machine. The system features full touch screen controls and a hand crank to slide it back for easier screw cleaning. It’s a custom solution uniquely equipped for the client’s product while also meeting industry standards and being highly robust and easy to operate.

Custom Extruder Design Capabilities

Whether you require a hydrocolloid extrusion application or something completely different, Bonnot excels at both designing and executing custom extruder machines and parts in our onsite R&D facility. When designing an extruder for medical applications, such as hydrocolloid extrusion, we have a breadth of capabilities at our disposal:

  • Access to an onsite R&D lab to test and optimize products.
  • Production units of up to 4″ available for various extruder applications.
  • Hundreds of dies and various cutters in stock to create a desired profile or manufacture for another specific need.
  • Process controls and data collection tools such as: programmable inverter controllers, multi-zone temperature control units (TCUs), pressure and temperature monitoring and more.
  • A wide variety of L/D barrel combinations and screw geometries.
  • Access to all Bonnot technical staff for a multidisciplinary approach that gets you the results you need.
  • ISO certified parts with 100% inspection — material certification records available.

Partner with Bonnot for the Optimal Extrusion Solution

Your search for the perfect hydrocolloid extrusion solution ends with us. Contact our team today to learn more about our custom engineering and design services and take advantage of our combined 200+ years of extrusion expertise. If an extruder could benefit your company, contact us today to get a custom quote on a Bonnot extruder. We’re eager to partner with you!

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