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The Bonnot Company has been designing and manufacturing vacuum extruders for 80+ years. We originally provided the clay industry with extrusion equipment to de-air their product. Over the years Bonnot has developed many vacuum designs to handle high volume to small experimental batches in the lab. Recently Bonnot has developed a patented in-line vacuum extruder; which has been proven in a number of successful installations. Often times de-airing benefits material processing and results in improved product characteristics. We have an operational vacuum extruder system in our Test Facility and would be happy to schedule your company to trial material.

Vacuum Extruder Features:

  • (2) options to de-air available: in-line or ‘piggy-back’
  • Patented in-line vacuum technology
  • Observational window to view vacuum chamber
  • Vacuum technology can be integrated into many of our other product offerings
  • Jacketed barrels and hollow screw designs for temperature control
  • Systems Control available
  • Customizable motor and reducer configurations

Vacuum Extruder Processing Video

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