High Volume Production Extruder (Terrier)

Product Information

The Bonnot High Volume Production Extruder (aka Terrier) has been a mainstay in the Bonnot product offerings for many decades. The Terrier is designed specifically to condense and extrud materials that are heavy, bulky, and abrasive. Materials can be processed with 10-65 percent moisture. The Terrier Production Extruder is used for efficient production of various types of binders like wax, clay, starch, lignins, and tars. Terrier custom built extruders offers high volume production with economical use of energy. The choice of auger depends on the profile of the product and production volume required. The Terrier is available with many different motor and reducer configurations and is readily adaptable to different die sizes and shapes. This production extruder is designed for low operating costs.

Bonnot Terrier High Volume Production Extruder Features

  • Sizes range from 4” to 16” (Bonnot Extruder sizes are identified by auger diameter)
  • Capacity: 2 to 7 tons per hour
  • Used for high volume, production of heavy bulky materials
  • Various auger and barrel designs available
  • Cast segmented augers constructed of abrasion resistant material available for low maintenance and operating costs
  • Customizable motor and reducer configurations
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