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Forming Extruders with Twin Packers

This popular, multi-purpose forming extruder is available in 2” – 16” models. The Bonnot Forming Extruder is used for pilot and plant production operations and up to a 17” auger for very high volume production. Capacities can range from 100- 20,000 pounds per hour. You can choose from a wide selection of auger and barrel configurations. The forming extruder can be custom designed and is used for many applications like chemicals, foods, sealants, ceramics, and multi-purpose processing. Interchangeable dies provide a broad range of productshapes and sizes. Add a cutter for maximum size material control. Bonnot Forming Extruders are used in a diverse group of industries like:

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Bonnot Forming Extruder with Twin Packers Models

Low Volume (3 – 100 lbs/hr)

  • 2” Twin Packer

Pilot to Production Volume (100 – 1500 lbs/hr)

  • 4” Twin Packer

Medium to High Production Volume (1800 – 3000 lbs/hr)

  • 6” Twin Packer
  • 8” Twin Packer

High Volume Production (3500 – 20,000 lbs/hr)

  • 10” Twin Packer
  • 12” Extruder (0, 1 or 2 packers available)
  • 17” Extruder (0, 1 or 2 packers available)

Bonnot Forming Extruder sizes are identified by auger diameter. Production volume will vary depending on material and specific extruder design. Contact a Bonnot Sales Representative to discuss your specific needs.

Bonnot Pelletizing and Forming Extruder Features:

  • Wide selection of auger and barrel configurations to fit your material and output needs
  • Cooling and heating of barrel and auger
  • Stainless steel and carbon steel construction available
  • Counter rotating twin packer design in hopper to mitigate bridging
  • Customizable base and paint selections
  • Customizable motor and reducer configurations (15HP standard option)
  • System controls are optional

Total Customization for Forming Extruders

In addition to our time-tested standard forming products, we offer customization services that help you create an extruder machine to meet your needs without sacrificing any of the particulars. For over 125 years, our talented design and engineering teams have demonstrated that Bonnot is the best.