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Industry’s Choice for Catalyst Extruders

Bonnot Catalyst Extruders and production systems are custom engineered to provide continuous catalyst production in the configuration you require, whether it be minute pellets as small as 1/32” diameter, solid rods, hollow rods, supported or unsupported rings…virtually whatever your specification requires. Each Bonnot Catalyst Extruder is engineered to meet and exceed peak load specifications and sustain operational requirements. The simplicity of the Bonnot proprietary designs, modular construction and the use of extra heavy duty components made of special abrasion and corrosion resistant alloys or stainless steel, significantly reduces wear and minimizes service and maintenance downtime. The result is reliable production scheduling and a uniform product.


Extruder Design and Versatility Deliver Critical Tolerances

  • Custom auger and barrel designs
  • Variable speed drives to adjust retention time and production rate
  • Jacketed barrels for cooling and heating to meet customer requirements
  • Laboratory testing of customer’s material
  • Special vacuum models when a deaired product is required
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How Bonnot custom machinery provides continuous catalyst production without loss of quality, stability or character….

Bonnot Catalyst Extruders and Feeders, both with automated controls, work in tandem to ensure continuous pelletizing in varied configurations as small as 1/32” diameter. The batch may go directly from the mixer to feeder where consistency is maintained by continuous screw rotation.

Catalyst Extruder

Handles all types of catalytic materials including high aluminas, kaolin carriers, gels, and molecular sieves. The auger and barrel can be water cooled. Configuration and size of pellets are controlled by die change.

Bonnot Catalyst Feeder

Bonnot catalyst feeders include two continuous or variable speed rotating screws move material to vertical feed. Automatic level control prevents back up and bridging.

Bonnot Catalyst Extruder Models

1” Catalyst Extruder (Benchtop)

Amazingly simple yet unerringly precise. The 1” Catalyst Extruder provides precise control and data collection capabilities for small batch, bench top testing, and formulation work. Various auger and barrel designs are available; along with virtually any die plate configuration.

2.25” Catalyst Extruder

The 2.25″ Catalyst Extruder approximate capacity is one pound per minute (material dependent). Requires a minimum of three pounds of sample for a test run. Capable of processing around 100 – 150 pounds per hour (depending on specific material). Ideal for table mount in the lab or a mini-pilot production. Various auger and barrel designs are available; along with virtually any die plate configuration.

4”, 6”, 8” Catalyst Extruder

These sized catalyst extruders are typically used when high volume production is required. Capacities range from 100 – 4,000 pounds per hour (material dependent) with 15 – 150 HP motors depending on the material. (Bonnot Extruder sizes are identified by the auger diameter)

Total Customization for Catalyst Extruders

In addition to our time-tested standard catalyst extruder machinery, we offer customization services that help you create a machine to meet your needs without sacrificing any of the particulars. For over 125 years, our talented design and engineering teams have demonstrated that Bonnot is the best.