Custom Dies for Extrusion

Product Information

Using our custom dies enable greater flexibility during the extrusion process and ensure that the final result is precisely what you need. Whether you require a simple multi-hole die or something more complex, we will adapt our design process to create a custom made extrusion die solution perfectly tailored to meet your need.

Bonnot Custom Extrusion Dies Include:

  • Multi-hole dies
  • Pellet dies
  • Fishtail Die Nozzle (for creating multiple streams, beads, sheets)
  • Bead and Sheet dies
  • Replaceable Die Inserts with Custom Die Plate (reduce the co-efficient of drag and lower cost replacement; high abrasion materials)
  • Co-Extrusion dies
  • Pressure sensitive dies
  • Custom Dies
  • And much moreā€¦
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