Bonnot Custom Material Cutters

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Bonnot cutting technology enables users to manage their processing stream and the resulting product. Bonnot designed Cutters are application specific and process driven.

Rotary Die Cutter

One of our more common Cutters is the Rotary Die Cutter; which is generally mounted and hinged to the Bonnot extruder. The variations in this design is an Offset Rotary Die Face Cutter; which can be used when tougher material requires more power and torque to achieve the optimal cut.

Custom Engineered Material Cutters

Bonnot also designs Custom Engineered Cutters that are tailored to your specific industry application. We can supply Cutters for Bonnot Extruders and Bulk Feeders or design Cutters to fit your existing production equipment. You tell us what you need and we will design it and manufacture it. Bonnot has Cutters in its Test Facility to trial your product. Many times customers need precise length control whether it be for a Catalyst hollow rod or a confectionary sprinkle (jimmy). We can integrate our extrusion technology with our cutting technology to create a system for precise cutting. This often results in eliminating the need for screening and vibratory equipment for final sizing of product saving many dollars for our customers.

Guillotine Cutter

Bonnot can also supply Guillotine Cutters. The Bonnot Guillotine Cutter comes with all the proper safety interlocks and allows for neat and even cuts that maximize packaging appeal. These Cutters may be incorporated into a conveyor system with adjustable electric eyes to automatically trigger the cutter at a predetermined length. There are an unlimited range of profiles available for this model.

Cutomize Material Cutting Video

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Custom Material Cutters Design Features Include:

  • Die Face Mount
  • Offset Shafting
  • Hinged or Bolt On Designs
  • Air or Water injection for product dispersion
  • Multiple blade or wire options
  • Easy to adjust cutter head feature
  • Precise length control
  • Integrated technology with our extruders and feeders
  • Can supply Cutters for your processing equipment whether it’s a Bonnot or not