Our extruders have been engineered, designed, and manufactured to the highest standards for these types of purification applications.

Bonnot has worked with virtually every base material available that is used in air and water purification processes, and we can show you how this will work for you in our test facility.

Do you need your material de-aired?

We have been on the forefront providing the most cost effective solution for de-airing. We have been doing it for over 100 years and have US patents that solve real world problems.

Does the honeycomb substrate picture above look familiar? Bonnot can guide you through the correct processing solution to avoid lamination issues.

In many instances, we can avoid using vacuum technology (saving you money) and still create a complex formed shape that meets customer requirements. Our test lab is a great place to work through the issues. Give us a call at 330-896-6544 to discuss your project. We are here to help!

Bonnot provides Activated Carbon Equipment for forming and cutting.

We have seen many variations of activated carbon. Take your powder and pelletize it to create a new revenue stream for your company. Our activiated carbon equipment is suited to handle this abrasive material and produce many tons per hour.

Bonnot are experts with Purification and Filtration products.

We have been on the cutting edge with all types of purification and filtration products ranging from catalytic converter honeycomb structures to water filtration cartridges.

Do you need your product de-aired? Bonnot can help with that as well. We have patented vacuum technology to improve your material and processing.