Bonnot has years of knowledge processing hydrocolloid, hydrogel dressings, and other trans-dermal patches. We have unique knowledge designing machinery that meets the strictest pharmaceutical specifications.

Bonnot provides equipment for wax dental sticks.

Processing wax is not always easy. Dealing with melt point and ensuring you have a homogeneous mix is crucial. We can supply machinery to help you achieve great product quality on a continuous basis

Bonnot equipment can meet strict FDA regulations.

We are ISO certified and have 100% inspection on all parts and retain material certification records for you. This is important when you face an audit at your facility. We can supply components with a high polish and even passivation if needed.

Our equipment is used quite often to side feed compounding extruders to meet specific rubber content needs. Take a look at our rubber bale feeding equipment to improve your process.

Bonnot equipment will help you meet strict formulation requirements for your products.

As mentioned above Bonnot can provide equipment to integrate into your line to create a cleaner processing line. Get rid of the talc and all the noise. Use a Bonnot!