Bonnot has a U.S. Patent for equipment surrounding pyrolysis. We have been working in this industry for almost two decades.

Our vast experience working with MRF materials positions us as one of the foremost experts in processing these materials. We understand the difficulties involved with wet mixed material transported directly from MRF facilities. The Bonnot Company can take this material through the entire process from feeding to complete melt to be used as feed to a reactor, or as a completely dechlorinated feed stock fuel. With approximately 17% of imported oil being used in the production of polymer products, this is a real solution to a real problem.

Do you need to create a zero oxygen system with your pyrolysis reactor? We can help you. Our equipment is field tested. We also understand the business aspect to pyrolysis because of our vast experience.

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Bonnot equipment has been processing fire starter logs used in homes around the world for three decades.

Composed of sawdust and other materials, these logs ignite rapidly — saving time and acting as a more responsible fuel source in other applications, such as barbequing or in older stoves. Biomass can also be easily extruded into pellets and briquettes, de-moisturized via internal heating processes and densified — and effectively strengthened — due to compacting during the extrusion process.

They are also able to manage formulations containing straight-chain hydrocarbon waxes — either slack or scale — and extrude strong, well-knit logs for easy handling in packaging operations. Wood composite extruders are available with either variable speed that enables adjustable packaging speeds or constant speed for automatic packaging

Many wood composite formulations were created in our test facility back when those products were first being developed in the 1980s. Today, more wood composite material is produced using Bonnot extruders than any other brand.

Do you have wax paper trim you are throwing away?

This is just one more example of how Bonnot can help you take a waste product and turn it into a fuel source.

Bonnot equipment is used for the production of all types of fuel sources.

The Bonnot Company and its extrusion products enable users to effectively handle the production of organic materials and compounds. Biomass comes in the many different forms, and as such can be extruded and processed into many more materials and compounds. Everything from sawdust, charcoal, seed hulls and shells to grasses and compost.

The type of materials that pass through a Bonnot is endless. From coal billets to wax-filled logs made from waste products. We can help you pelletize, form, cut, heat, cool; really whatever your need, we can help.

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