Bonnot can provide you a continuous operation of dewatered material

Spent grains are a byproduct of ethanol production, distilling and beer brewing and consist of grain husks, pericarp and traces of endosperm. In terms of mass, spent grains are comprised of roughly half carbohydrates and the remainder being proteins and lignin.

This means that spent grains are considered a good source of protein and water-soluble vitamins in animal feed, as a fertilizer and as whole grains in bread.

Employing Bonnot Company processing equipment — whether in compounding or in food-related applications — for the processing of spent grains ensures rapid mass production so the resulting product can be easily distributed or used again in another application.

Whatever your spent grain application may be, we can provide an extrusion solution that will keep you productive and ensure that no material is wasted.

Whether you are one of the largest brewers in the world or a microbrewery, our equipment can help turn a waste stream into an energy source for your facility or a pelletized animal feed product.

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