Graphite or Lithium Extruder

We have a range of extruders suitable for adding density to automative battery cell manufacturing materials

CT 4 Series Extruder

The Bonnot Company is pleased to be participating in various pilot projects to densify lithium or graphite for battery cell manufacturing to optimize downstream operations.

While this technology is still in-development, we’ve seen very promising results from our multiple trials in our test facility with major automotive manufacturers.

Contact us to learn more and set up a trial.

Testing densifying lithium

Using our ST 2 Series, we spent several days successfully densifying a lithium formula.

Relevant Ancillary Equipment

6 in Rotary Cutter


We offer a range of cutters for our extruders.

6 in Multi Hole Die Plate

Extrusion Dies

Bonnot Offers a Variety of Extrusion Dies in Various Sizes

PLC Controls


The Bonnot Company Offers a Full Range of Control Options For Our Extrusion Systems

Want to Prove it Out?

The Bonnot Company is pleased to offer FREE feasibility testing in our test facility. Come and take advantage of our comprehensive catalog of test equipment; different extruder designs, screw geometries, forming dies, temperature control options, mixers and material testing equipment.