Silly Putty Extrusion Application

Bonnot equipment is really good at processing butyls, adhesives, mastics, silicones, epoxies, caulks, and much more!

Our equipment is designed to handle the high performance demand of most mastics, butyl, silicone rubbers, caulking materials, special adhesives, epoxies and other highly viscous materials where rigid tolerances and high temperatures are required. It provides the power and pressure to extrude difficult, stiff and hard-to-handle compounds for the extrusion of strips, beads, sheets or slugs. Customized to your specifications, our equipment can improve quality and dramatically increase productivity.

Standard features include:

  • Separate jackets on all components provide temperature control for your materials
  • Variable speeds on both extruder and feeder components
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance
  • Isolated bearings throughout prevent contamination
  • Rugged and heavy duty components
Deaired Butyl from Extrusion Machine

Bonnot provides patented vacuum technology for dampening rubber and silicone applications.

The key to quality dampening rubber is no air bubbles, so that you get maximum adhesion. We can provide this for you. We can even retrofit existing equipment with our technology, just ask us how.

Blue Butyl Strips from Extrusion Application

Bonnot provides window sealant processing equipment and has for decades.

Most likely the windows in your house have sealant that was processed through Bonnot. Many manufactures employ our equipment to provide quality product to their window assemblies.

There are nuances in sizing material down and forming into a small strip. Making sure the temperature and pressure are adequate along with the right screw geometry is critical to achieving a quality sealant strip. We guarantee our equipment is the right choice for you.

Please don’t hesitate to call us.

Sticky Gel Extrusion Application

Managing Large Batches of Adhesives is What We Do Best.

Our equipment is designed to convert large batches of product from your mixers and profile it to feed winders for a finished product.

Bonnot Live Bottom Feeders are the solution to take material from your 40gal, 100gal and 300gal mixers and dump it right into our equipment for forming or slugging. Our Live Bottom Feeders come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs.

Butyl Pellets Extrusion Application

Bonnot butyl rubber pelletizer. Yes, we can do that!

We like to solve problems around here. One problem is how do you cut rubber without using an underwater pelletizer. Sometimes you have no choice, but sometimes you do. We can provide cost effective custom solutions for pelletizing. Trust us, your maintenance people will thank you!

Bonnot can form very sticky adhesive loaves into sheets and strips.

Process control is key when processing sticky materials. You want to have the material hot enough to flow, but cool enough to retain its strength. Our equipment has been using packers for all its history.  We understand how to get the material into the screw efficiently while using the least amount of power consumption possible.

We have some of the best screw designers here at Bonnot. We will ensure your material is metered at a constant rate so your down stream equipment can maximize its potential. We are always open to working with manufacturers of periphery equipment to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

Give us a call!

Keep it simple with Bonnot Extruders and Feeders

We like to keep things simple at Bonnot. We want to start with the most simplistic approach and only add complexity when necessary (its keeps the cost down). Our goal is to provide you with cost effective solutions that last decades with little maintenance needs. Our parts department would probably like to hear from you more, but we would prefer that you are operating with as little operational costs as possible.