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For more than 125 years, The Bonnot Company has excelled in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of exceptional extruders, bulk feeders, custom cutters, and more. Our extrusion equipment allows customers to streamline their processes for increased efficiency, productivity, and reliability. As a global leader in reliable extruding equipment, engineering, and consulting for customers in a variety of industries and applications. Bonnot consistently pursues the most advanced and up-to-date technology available. The years may come and go, but our commitment to our customers remains as strong and powerful as our beginning. With each new idea and innovation in extrusion, we are blazing a new path to a stronger future. While our focus is on the manufacturing of top-of-the-line extruder machines, we also provide a range of global services including consulting and equipment leasing. No matter what your need for in extrusion, Bonnot is on standby to help.

Bonnot News & Articles

How We Use the Latest Technologies to Drive Down Costs for Our Customers

Increasing efficiency is a must for any manufacturer, but here at The Bonnot Company we’ve had more practice than most in harnessing the power of technology over the course of 128 years in business.  We design, engineer and manufacture extruders, feeders, cutters, and other types of custom processing equipment. We specialize in the custom design […]

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How Bonnot Uses Old-Fashioned Innovation to Create New Custom Extrusion Solutions

How Bonnot Uses Old-Fashioned Innovation to Create New Custom Extrusion Solutions Sometimes modern problems require elements of old innovation to create the optimal solution. The Bonnot Company understands this implicitly thanks to our 125-year history of designing and building custom extrusion solutions for our customers across a variety of industries. But how exactly do we […]

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Using Extrusion Pelletizing for High-Volume, High-Quality Production

Meeting high-volume production standards while maintaining high product quality is possible with a Bonnot pellet extruder machine. Learn more about which industries benefit from extrusion pelletizing.

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Using Plastic Extruders to Create a Diverse Catalog of Products

Plastic is already a versatile material, but plastic extruders can stretch that versatility even further. Learn the many different kinds of products that can be created with a plastic extrusion machine.

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Get the Right Cut for Your Aluminum Products with a Bonnot Extrusion Cutting Machine

Aluminum's strength and malleability makes it perfect for manufacturing extruded products across industries. With a Bonnot custom extrusion cutting machine, your production can become more efficient and cost-effective than ever.

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