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For more than 125 years, The Bonnot Company has excelled in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of exceptional extruders, bulk feeders, custom cutters, and more. Our extrusion equipment allows customers to streamline their processes for increased efficiency, productivity, and reliability. As a global leader in reliable extruding equipment, engineering, and consulting for customers in a variety of industries and applications. Bonnot consistently pursues the most advanced and up-to-date technology available. The years may come and go, but our commitment to our customers remains as strong and powerful as our beginning. With each new idea and innovation in extrusion, we are blazing a new path to a stronger future. While our focus is on the manufacturing of top-of-the-line extruder machines, we also provide a range of global services including consulting and equipment leasing. No matter what your need for in extrusion, Bonnot is on standby to help.

Bonnot News & Articles

Get the Right Cut for Your Aluminum Products with a Bonnot Extrusion Cutting Machine

Aluminum's strength and malleability makes it perfect for manufacturing extruded products across industries. With a Bonnot custom extrusion cutting machine, your production can become more efficient and cost-effective than ever.

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How Bonnot Extruders Help Improve Rubber Extrusion Safety

Rubber plant jobs are challenging and traditionally come with a unique set of dangers, from manual bale handling to chemical exposure. A Bonnot extruder or rubber bale feeder can greatly improve rubber extrusion safety.

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Lab Extruder
3 Applications for Benchtop Extruders

Benchtop laboratory extruders are used across industries for a wide variety of purposes. With a custom-made solution from the Bonnot Company, even the most specific and unique needs can be met. Learn how benchtop extruders can be utilized for research & development, small batch production, and training.

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How to Select the Right Extrusion Cutting Machine

With over 125 years of experience, you can trust the Bonnot Company to deliver the right extrusion cutting machine for your job, no matter how tough. Learn more about our offerings and how to create your custom cutter today.

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When to Consider Rubber Extrusion for Your Manufacturing Process

The Bonnot Company has been bringing our clients the best rubber extrusion solutions for over 25 years, so we understand common pain points experienced throughout the manufacturing process. Find out if a rubber extruder is right for your company.

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