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Dual drive design processes difficult-to-feed materials in a controlled fashion. Learn More
Enables continuous production of high aluminas, gels, molecular sieves, viscous substances and more. Learn More
Our customized products deliver reliability and material efficiency in all applications. Learn More
Features a large capacity feed hopper for easy and effective batch loading. Learn More

Interested in selling used Bonnot equipment? Contact us and we'll get started. Learn More
Our flexible lease options enables customers to conduct extended product testing or pilot plant production. Learn More
Our Test Facility is available to demonstrate specific processing characteristics of our equipment with your material. Learn More
Our custom engineering and design services use the latest technology featuring 3D modeling software. Learn More

Our extruders and production systems are recognized worldwide as the standard for processing. Learn More
Our cooking and cold forming extrusion equipment produce outstanding results by continuously maintaining precise control of cooking temperature, pressure, Learn More
Our Horizontal designs are ideally suited for processing full (or partial) bales of highly viscous materials. Learn More
Consumer products, industrial, medical and recycling are just a few of the many industries we serve. Learn More

Learn how dewatering can lower costs and provide valuable feed stock, or be used as an alternative fuel source Learn More
Learn about how we're making a difference with cutting edge recycling efforts in MRF waste and Pyrolysis Learn More
New patented In-line technology used for many applications where de-airing is required or beneficial to the end product. Learn More
Learn about our efforts to refine mixing processes in our equipment so the end result is flawless. Learn More

Total Customization
In addition to our time-tested standard products, we offer customization services that help you create a machine to meet your needs without sacrificing any of the particulars. For over 125 years, our talented design and engineering teams have demonstrated that Bonnot is the best.

Manufacturing Excellence
The years have come and gone, but our commitment to developing new extrusion technologies and providing solid customer service remains as powerful as it was with our founders. With each new innovation, we’re building a new path to a stronger future. Become part of our celebrated story today.

Integrity In Extrusion
We stand by our products through our ISO 9001:2008 with Design certification and quality craftsmanship guarantee. Our products work because the people behind them understand what it takes to ensure that productivity, material efficiency and customer satisfaction remain intact.